Crack the Code: How Video Can Help You Reach Elusive Decision Makers

decision makers sales video Apr 11, 2023

Over the past 20 years I’ve met with and interviewed many Sales Directors both as customers and guests on my podcast. These are senior sales leaders in successful companies with great people and If I had a € for every time I heard the following, I’d never have to work again…… “Paul, we do really well once we’re working on opportunity at the right level, our problem is getting in front of decision makers in the first place, and while there can be several reasons for this one of the most prevalent reasons is that reps are talking to Seymours. Seymour’s are non decisions makers, and they’re called Seymour because they always want to see more…..see more presentations, see more data, see more proposals……which they all promise to forward to the real decision makers…..and maybe they do, maybe they don’t, but here’s the important thing…..powerpoint doesn’t sell, data doesn’t sell, proposals and brochures don’t sell…….emotion sells. People sell.

The problem is……Seymours either don’t know how to sell, or they don’t want to be seen to overtly promote you over another vendor…..moreover, they’re simply not in a position to clearly and concisely articulate your key selling points to decision makers in a manner that’s in any way compelling…….

And yes, In a perfect world I know the answer to this situation is to only call on decision makers but that’s not always a realistic option especially for inbound sales or where reps don’t have the experience or confidence to call into the c-suite…….the bottom line is that you have to work with what you have whilst you simultaneously endeavour to reach that perfect world.

Imagine if you had a 90 second video that could communicate the value you bring to your customers and clients. A video that was clear, concise and compelling? A video that told a story that resonated with your prospect. One that Seymour could easily distribute internally….one that hard to reach, exceptionally busy executives can review at a time and location that works for them……

……and crucially….where you could see how many people watched it, re-watched it, which parts were skipped, where it was watched from….what actions they took as a result of watching your video…….think about the value of having that kind of insight…….how easy would it be to separate those truly interested in working with you from the tyre kickers. Think about how that would allow you to focus expensive resources on opportunities that were most likely to close…

If you think that’s unrealistic, think again. There are already a small number of sellers doing this and they’re killing it, what they’re not doing is shouting about it because why would they, it’s their secret sauce

If you’d like to see how I do it, I’m running a webinar where I’ll take you through my entire workflow step by step, for videos designed to get you in front of hidden decision makers and learn they’re true intent. I’ll also address where it makes sense to do it yourself and where hiring someone to help you makes sense.

You’ll come away from the webinar with ultimate clarity on:

How video can make you more visible to prospects

How video will increase your lead conversion rate

How video can help you generate more referrals

How video can improve your sales discovery

The link to register is on your screen now


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