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Guiding Business Owners in establishing and nurturing a robust sales culture, with supporting methodologies, systems, structures and processes 

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Redefining Sales and Sales Leadership Development to change behaviour and drive sustainable revenue growth: Beyond Vanilla, Surpassing Ordinary

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Unlock your sales potential with personalized 1:1 coaching, tailored to skyrocket your performance, confidence, and long-term success in sales.


In the dynamic world of B2B sales, the old playbook just doesn't cut it anymore. It's time to break free from outdated tactics and embrace strategies that truly resonate in's market. "Break the Rules: Time Tested Strategies for B2B Sales Growth" is not just another sales event; it's a pivotal point in your career


Maximizing Margin: Beyond Just Closing Deals

How much money are you leaving on the table? Transform your sales team's approach from discount-driven to value-focused. Equip them to negotiate with savvy buyers and maximize deal value.

Doing so turns every negotiation into an opportunity for profit, not just revenue, boosting your bottom line.

Let's elevate your sales strategy, reinvest in growth, and stop the cycle of undervaluing your offerings

Radical Simplicity in Prospecting: Streamline for Success

Cut through the noise with radical simplicity in your sales pipeline. Focus on direct, value-driven engagement to attract and retain high-quality leads.

Simplify processes, prioritize clear communication, and target prospects who resonate with your core offerings.

This streamlined approach ensures a consistent, effective pipeline, turning qualified leads into profitable sales.

Unlocking value: The Power of uncovering Your Prospect's Why

In the art of sales, understanding a prospect's core reasons for doing business is crucial, yet often overlooked. Many sellers grapple with this skill, leading to commoditised deals and weaker margins

The secret? Digging deep to quantify the cost of their problems. When you pinpoint and articulate the financial impact of these challenges, your solutions transform from mere commodities to indispensable assets.

Master this, and you'll not only close more deals but close deals that truly matter.

Confidence unleashed: Objections neutralised

Traditional objection-handling, with its scripted responses, is as archaic as a flip phone in a smartphone world. Today's sales require authentic, tailored conversations, not rote replies.

Like navigating with a paper map in a GPS era, scripted methods are cumbersome and ineffective in addressing real customer concerns.

Empower your sales approach with authentic engagement; transform every objection into a stepping stone towards unmatched success.

""Paul has an exceptional ability to engage with his audience. He is adept at applying his vast experience in modern sales""

Peter Dixon

"“The bottom line is that Paul knows sales and what he is talking about. Honest and straight to the point. Brilliant stuff!” "

Carl Westkamper

"“An authentic, real life sales geek crossed with personality. Excels at translating complete theory into insight""

Mark Sedgwick
Twelve Recruitment

"“His passion, experience and determination shines through in his work. Paul's excellent insight and experience is priceless.” "

James Blackmore
Xactly Corp

""I was blown away by Paul’s ability to break down complex strategies to simple steps. He really connects with his audience""

Ludwig Hofmeister

""Paul's talents put him in a league of his own. He is the most gifted individual in the Sales training space, so far out of anyone's reach""

Bob Flynn

""Paul's book 'Soft Tales, Hard Asses' has given me powerful new ways to structure client conversations. Highly recommended""

Paul Sutton

""I attended Paul's Sandler Training twice. Outstanding! His vast sales experience shines. Boosted confidence and outcomes""

Andreas Keller

""Paul's innovative sales enablement plan aligned perfectly with our goals. Higher win rates and $8M new pipeline!""

Tom Castley

""Paul's Prospecting Training was exceptional. Improved abilities, engaging sessions. Eager for more courses. Highly recommended""

Andy Whyte

""Paul's insights and humour always impressed top management. Entrepreneurial mindset, strong honor. A sales gem""

Johan Cheikh

""Paul's coaching elevated my confidence. Unique strategies excel salespeople. Three thumbs up! Inspiring coach""

Claudia Vogas

""Paul's training transformed my sales approach. Highly effective techniques. Worth the investment. Tremendous results""

Dereck Murphy

""Paul excels in training. Exceptional business insights. Exceptional impact on my skills and success. Easiest recommendation ever""

Paul Donnegan

""Paul's training sessions are fantastic. Unique perspectives, interactive delivery. Boosted confidence and success""

Agnieszka Legowik

""Paul's coaching and training are exceptional. Highly efficient, engaging, and impactful. Elevates skills and success""

Maria Saparova

""Paul's energetic training is engaging and effective. Sandler model adoption drives real results. Highly impactful""

Jimmy Kehoe
Software AG

""Paul's training remains invaluable. Weekly classes deepen my skills. Brilliant content for those aiming higher""

Stefania Consalter

Mastering Objection Handling: The Expert's Playbook

If you're tired of running into prospect objections like "our budgets have been cut", "we're not interested", "call back in six months", "you're too expensive" etc., then the best decision you could possibly make to to attend my Objection Handling Masterclass. This is an instant access Masterclass recorded with live audience where I break down the most common objections (and some unusual ones) and show you how to prevent them and if you can't prevent them, how to neutralise them and turn the conversation around

Objection Handling Masterclass

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